Hello Ladies & Gentleman

I thought I would do a small write up on an event the Cannington Tigers Cricket Club in with conjuction with the Canning Districts RSL which was on Sunday 25th November 2018.  Between the 2 presidents CDRSL President John Downing and CTCC President Steve Hall they had arranged a cricket match with 30 overs each and making each person on each team bowled min 2 overs. It was a game designed to be a friendly and nothing serious but to enjoy a game of cricket between two different club organizations. A trophy was even made named after each club and who I wonder who would win the 1st game. The day started at Coker Park for game day then after the game everyone except a couple left due to other commitments moved over to the RSL opposite the ground.

Team Line up

Cannington Tigers: Steve Hall(c), Dylan Labrooy, Keagan Bennett, Vinnie Ciancio, Bryce Warren, John Downing (junior), Paul McLean, Dempsey Badorek

Cannington Districts RSL: John Downing (c)(senior) JD, Terry Reynolds, George, Phil Barman, Jim, Edward, Syd Godfrey, Alf, Scott Hall, Admiral, Balden and cameo Tom Barr (sorry going by the scoresheet and only had first names or I know them.)

Apparently there was a coin toss but who knows who won it but I have a feeling the RSL winning the toss and sending the Tigers into bat. 

Game started off with Steve H and Dylan L opening the batting with Terry R opening the bowling. After the 1st over the score was 0/6 which was a good start for Terry to open the proceedings with a 4 and 2 singles made.

With a couple of ring ins to help the RSL Scott Hall started the 2 over with the Tigers only able to get a single in his 1st over. First wicket to fall was Dylan after getting caught and out for 20 with Alf getting the first wicket of the series best of 1 for 2018/2019 season. The next week to fall was Keagan which after being in hiding for a few seasons JD bowling out Keagan on 2 with a nice swinging ball. Vinnie was next to go in but ended up gettting given out LBW for 1 by Terry. Next in Bryce with the Tigers needing a steady partnership to get the score starting again he hung around like a strange smell with Steve lasting about 3 overs and making 8 until Bryce lost his wicket to Albert who snagged his wicket.  John junior was next in who was now batting with his brother hoping to help save from a bad collapse like a saturday afternoon but his brother Steve H losing his wicket which he ended up getting bbq’d by John junior.Steve made a respectable 44 but was felt hard done by thanks to his brother running him out.  Paul (Maca) McLean was next to come in but the partnership between him and John J it only lasted a few as John was absolutely bamboozled by some marvelous bowling Alf causing the stumps to go crashing to the ground behind John. John did a couple of look backs trying to wonder how he was bowled by Alf’s straight ball which has some pace on it. Bring Dempsey who during the summer season in the smca comp has been performing well comes in and quickly stamps his authority on the game. Within 1 over he had scored 7 with a boundary for 4 and 3 singles.  Unfortunately Maca was caught for 4 as the pace from George took a scary toll on him.  The Tigers due to some short players they ended up finishing with 3 overs short of the max 30.

Bowling figures for the RSL:

Terry 1/14, Scott 0/3, Admiral 1/14, Phil 0/9, Syd 0/6, Edward 0/5, Balden 0/11, Jim 1/10, George 1/12, Alf 0/9, JD 1/2, T Barr 0/1

Batting figures for Tiger:

Steve 44, Dylan 20, Keagan 2, Vinnie 1, Bryce 8, John J 10, Paul 4, Dempsey 7(not out)

With a short break teams switched around with Terry and George opening the batting. They started off well and sort of surprised the Tigers teams with there batting skills. and it didn’t take till the 7th over to lose there first wicket with the score at 36.  Terry looked like a season pro making 14 after being caught and his batting partner George who made 13 before he lost his wicket also caught they had set the stage for the day. Phil batted at number 3 and ended up getting a duck but someone forgot to mention the rule RSL members need to score before given out. The next 2 batsmen Jim and Edward did there part getting runs on the board with 8 & 5 respectably. Syd Godfrey had been in the wilderness wasn’t to sure how he would go making runs but looked like hadn’t lost it with some smooth shots around the ground making 27 until he was caught by Dempsey. JD came in at number 7 and as someone forgot to tally his score and i was sitting in the dark whilst typing this i could not count in the dark plus I was saving power by not using the light 🙂 it looked like he made around 33 plus he batted all the way to the max 30 overs.  Alf was next in making a quick 12 with the runs coming form boundaries. Scott came in and after making a quick single than changing ends was fired for LBW which he believes like all batsmen was not out and going down leg but from my angle it was PLUM AS (sorry Scott 🙂 ). Admiral was quickly in and than after a few balls was out for a duck aswell but again someone forgot to mention the rule RSL members need to score before given out sorry Admiral. In came the a mystery batsmen who was just knocking the bowlers around at ease making a score of 21 was Balden.  The bowlers just could not work him out as he had game. Last batsman was Tom Barr which after a knee construction from all those years of bowling for the Cannington Cricket Club he came out and made a quick 4 which were all singles.  We also note T Barr had a runner after the first 2 singles just to help him along but the runner didn’t help much when he was bowled by Bryce.  In the end the Canning Districts RSL made a score of 158.

Bowling figures: Steve 1/31, Keagan 0/16, Dempsey 1/14, Dylan 2/25, Maca 2/16, John J 2/22, Bryce 2/16

Batting figures: Terry 15, George 13, Phil Barman 0, Jim 8, Edward 5, Syd 27, John D 33(not out), Alf 8, Scott 1, Admiral 0, Balden 21, Tom 4


I will say whilst the RSL chaps where batting the Tigers fielded and bowled during some rain periods which at some stage did get a little hard on the rain falling. The ball was soaked, pitch was wet and the players also getting a little wet aswell but in respect and  support of the RSL the Tigers stayed on the pitch to allow the game to play and finish even if we did allow the RSL boys bat on for an extra 5 to 6 overs but we didn’t not stop until the whole team batted to the end.

I would like to say thank you to Tom Barr for scoring the start of the game and Donelle Downing for scoring till the end plus looking after the canteen when Maca was on the field bowling.


I would also like to say a big thank you to both John Downing and Steve Hall for arranging this event which was held in great spirit to the very end of the day.