Cricket Windup 2020-21

The night to end the 2020-21 cricket season which saw the smca shorten the season incase the season was placed on hold or cancelled.

The club inducted a new member as a life member, we had 5 winners for the Clayton Brown Duck award and a 3 way tie for the Frank Macgrotty Club Person award.

The Award winners for 2020-21

4th Grade

Batting Award Haroon Ahmed 253 runs @ 25.30 avg

Bowling Award Gursewak Singh 22 wickets @ 12.55 avg

Fielding Award Saeed Ahmed (Fielding Award was received by Vijay Kumar)

Captains Award Satvinder Singh

Team Champion Gursewak Singh 72.40 points

5th Grade

Batting Award Jared Delamere 175 runs @ 19.44 avg

Bowling Award Harsh Jansali 17 wickets @ 19.29 avg

Fielding Award Salman Farsi

Captains Award Wynand Gouws

Team Champion Jared Delamere 49.00 points

6th Grade

Batting Award Sanjeev Saini 223 runs @ 31.86 avg

Bowling Award Asim Qureshi 20 wickets @ 15.25 avg

Fielding Award Sanjeev Saini

Captains Award Asim Qureshi

Team Champion Tyler Richards 62.90 points (Award recieved by Mark Richards)

One Day D

Batting Award Guthithika Joseph Wijayamuni 392 runs @ 31.86 avg

Bowling Award Iffam S Samidon 19 wickets @ 14.37 avg

Fielding Award Roshan Rathnayake

Captains Award Asanga Jayagoda

Team Champion Guthithika Joseph Wijayamuni 75.20 points

5 wickets in a game

Narleen Fernando Round 2 v Willetton Crows 5 for 16 off 7 overs

Steven B Ambler Round 2 v Armadale 5 for 27 off 13.4 overs

Asim Qureshi Round 4 v Riverton/Rostrata 5 for 35 off 11 overs

Jarad Delamere Round 4 v Pheonix 5 for 36 off 18.4 overs

Rajsatinder Singh Round 1 v Kenwick 5 for 45 off 16 overs

Gursewak Singh Round 2 v Kwinana 5 for 39 off 15 overs

Farooq S Ali Round 3 v Hilton Bicton 5 for 41 off 13.4 overs

Farooq S Ali Round 5 v Cockburn 5 for 31 off 15 overs

Phil McLean & Merv Macgrotty Century Award (100 or more runs in a game)

Guthithika Joseph Wijayamuni Round 4 v Jandakot Park 100 runs

Life Member

Steve Ambler

Mark Richards (left) with the new inductee to the Cannington Tigers Cricket Club Steve Ambler (Right)

Clayton Brown “Duck Award”

Saeed Ahmed 3
Steve Hall 3
Nick Davey 3
Sanka Dissanayake 3
Iffam Samidon 3

Club Most Improved

Jarad Delamere

Presidents Award

Matthew Pedulla

Syd Godfrey “Spirit of Cricket Award”

Wynand Gouws

Paul Keep “Cricketer of the Year”

Guthithika Joseph Wijayamuni 75.20 points

Social Supporter

Donelle Downing

Frank MacGrotty “Clubperson Award”

Steve Hall
Matthew Pedulla
Franca Pedulla